IFH Media works with our clients on various IT projects. We offer web and app development, training in languages and frameworks such as Python with both Django and Flask frameworks, PHP and Laravel or Symfony, Java and Spring Boot, Ruby with Rails, JavaScript with Node and Express, or TypeScript and Angular.

Not only can we develop applications we can train you in any of the above so you can learn it yourself.

IFH Media to help keep your training and development costs down have also created an inexpensive introduction series of courses. We have a one-day workshop – All Things E-Commerce, which looks at what you will need to know to set up an e-commerce site. You will learn how to buy domain names, picking a hosting company, compare technologies to see what is best for you. Give a quick overview of GDPR, security, and technology you need to start your e-commerce journey. All the f0r a special offer of €50.

We also offer an introduction to programming. While we use Python as the actual language, what you learn on this three-day course are things like variables, data types, advanced data types,  function, object-orientated programming, and more. This course is priced at an affordable €300 for all three days.

We also do a three-day introduction to web design where you learn HTML / CSS and some basic JavaScript for the front-end. This course looks at creating web pages and styling them with HTML / CSS and then how to add some additional interactivity using JavaScript. We also look at JavaScript for form validation. The cost for this course is €300.

Our introduction to  CMS covers both WordPress and Drupal is a three-day course and it shows you how to set up a WordPress site on your own hosting space and how to buy your domain name. We look at how to theme your site and add functionality such as e-commerce capabilities and additional security all for the lost cost of €300.

For those looking for more advanced training, we can do that as well. Just contact us for more information and pricing.