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Training has changed! Used to be you’d  find a course – book it and wait until it runs. Problem you had to wait until the course runs and even then it might not be exactly right for you. Then we used training videos – you could start learning immediately. However, materials are out of date, or couldn’t understand the trainer and material are to generic. IFH Media solves this by allowing you to schedule a private training session working on projects to solve your  specific needs.   We work with you to develop up to date and meaningful material and projects. 

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We can train you in any of services so as your staff is up to speed. If you prefer we can advise on the best way to get the most from your website and technology.

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Social Media​​

Get the most of your website usig social media to get the most of your site. We can help you plan the campaign or train your staff to do it themselves


Getting found in search engines is very important. Our staff can train you, advise you, plan your content to help getting you to the top of the search engine results.​


We can do the work for you, or we train your staff instead. Our staff are experts in their fields. We can train computer programming, website development, marketing, SEO, social media and much more.


We can help, plan and bring you technologies to life

Web Design​

Need a website developed, or updated - this where our team comes into play. We can redesign and site, or create one from scratch.

Content Marketing​

We need to provide great content to bring people back and help with SEO. Content is king and we'll rewrite you content, create new images and even video marketing tools.

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