Introduction to E-Commerce

This non-technical one-day, live on-line seminar/workshop looks at all the information you need to start an e-commerce project.

First off, there are no prerequisites for this course outside of needing a computer and an internet connection. You won’t install anything or need to set up.

First thing is an introduction to the web – what it is and how it works. This is a basic set up and knowledge session.

We then look at how to buy your own domain name such as We also talk about .com vs something else like .co, or .biz, or a geographical domain like, .ie (Ireland), .ro for Romania, .ca for Canada – etc.

Once we have that we’ll look at how to choose a hosting company. We then show you some available packages such as hosting WordPress on your own server vs hosting on WordPress’s own servers and finally a look at Shopify.

Once you have the site set up, you need to understand laws, rules and regulations such as taxes and GDPR. If you collect data from an EU resident you must follow the protection rules, even if you’re located outside of the EU.

Finally, we look at marketing – this involves Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Then Google Analytics to be able to see how visitors found your site and what they looked at and what they did while at your site.

Right now, this course costs is €50s and runs on-line for the entire day.

Detailed course outline

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