This is a series of full courses ranging from a one-day course on all things e-commerce right up to building your own site.

The special things about these course is they’re full one-to-three day courses – most being three-days delivered by qualified instructor for no more than €300 depending on the course.

What do you get, you ask? Well, simple a full course that matches our outline. These are compariable to most training companies charging anywhere from €500 for a one-day course to a three-day course costing from €1,500 to €2,000.

The course is done online using Zoom all we ask is that you have a working computer connected to the Internet and the ability for downloading software and apps. In other words, you need admin privileges. Your IT department can contact us for a list of apps that will need to be installed for the specific courses.

We have several courses we offer in the Intro To Series. For example, a one-day All Things E-Commerce course for €50. We offer three-day course on Intro To Programming with Python – this one is €300. For those who want to do Web Design have the Intro to Web Design which looks at HTML / CSS and basic JavaScript for front-end design. All it takes is €300 and three-days of your time.

Maybe you want to use a content management system or CMS to create a your website. In three-days this course shows you both WordPress and Drupal to see which one is best for your needs. At the end of the course – you have enough knowledge to walk away with a complete website pretty near ready to go. Once again this course runs for three-days and costs €300.

We are expanding this list of courses as we go along. Please keep in touch or check out the site to see what course have been added. If you have a course suggestion for the Intro To Series – drop us a line and lets know your idea – we may just run a course on it.