This three-day course looks at setting up and developing your own WordPress / Drupal e-commerce enabled website.

For this course, you’ll need a few things installed on your machine. We’re going to put something called Bitnami WAMP (Windows), MAMP(Mac) and LAMP(Linux). This will place a few things on your computer we need to run WordPress and Drupal. We can walk you through this at the start of the course, or you can go to and follow the instructions. We also need an editor so we’ll take a look at VSCode form Microsoft. All of this software is free.

We look at downloading WordPress and Drupal, their difference and why you would use one over the other. We also be installing both apps on your machine using WAMP/ MAMP or LAMP set up.

Then it’s a look at the WordPress, interface and how we can get around it. Followed by what Drupal has to offer and seeing some of the differences

For design, we’ll look at how to pick a theme. There are free ones and paid for one – the choice is up to you. Mostly we’ll look at free ones. This will decide the look and feel of the site. We explain all the settings and customization option offered with a theme.

Next, we examine what WordPress calls Plugins – these are used to add functionality to your site. Don’t forget we’ll all look at what Drupal calls modules. We will look at several WooCommerce and Druapl Commerce ideas to enable e-commerce and various related plugins. Then we want to add some security features to the site to protect it from hackers.

We also look at buying a domain name and even getting hosting space so at the end of the three-days you will have a fully functioning website.

You should have a basic understanding of e-commerce sites – we recommend you sit in on our one-day Intro to E-Commerce workshop.

Course Outline

Cost €300

Watch this space for dates and information