Niagara’s a bit of a different training company. I don’t mean in that we do something really different or strange, or very niche. What we do is develop training courses, materials, provide instructors, advise and consult on technology, security, software, hardware, operating systems and all of that. What makes us different is we work doing all of these things for both training and non-training companies a like.

For training companies, you may want to expand your course base to offer existing clients tech course that you currently don’t or can’t offer. Well we can supply you not only with the trainer, but the training materials. The materials consists of PowerPoint slides for the instructors, along with PDFs, and videos for the students. Courses can be supplied on-line, in a classroom, and even streamed live while they happen. We of course, can use your branding on any material used for courses.

However, you don’t need to be a training company to avail of our courses and services, we can offer all of this to your company and bring any of your employees up to speed on the latest happenings in the technical world. Our trainers can come to you, do live online anywhere training, or if necessary arrange for a training facilities to be available for courses on-site.

Niagara has worked via training companies such as British Telecom, Learning Tree, QA, JB International and many others were we provided the trainers  and materials required to complete courses such as Introduction right to more advanced courses in Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, HTML /CSS (Sass. We’ve also worked with various frameworks like Django, Flask (both Python), Laravel and Symfony (both PHP), Rails (Ruby), Spring Boot (Java), Bootstrap (HTML/CSS (Sass). We have also dealt with MS SQL Server and MySQL, Windows Server and of course Linux-based operating systems such as Ubuntu and Centros. We have worked for the Irish employment agency Solas (formerly FAS). We have been involved with working for Citi Bank, European Central Bank, British Telecom, Avaya (formerly Northern Telecom), Vodafone.

We’ve developed course ware for and delivered courses on all of the above.