This is where we tell you all about our services and how we're different from everyone else. Well we kind of are. Not that we are wild and crazy, or our we are leaps and bounds greater than our competitors - all of this is true, but what we do different is we bring training to existing training companies and non-training organisations a like.

Having been involved in training, consultancy and development we can train, advise and install on making sure your technology, software, and systems are up to date and secure.

We can provide you or your clients certified trainers (where certification is available), course materials, consultancy checklist, reports and studies on any works carried out. Not only all of this, but it can be branded using your logo, colours and company branding.

We can work as close with you as you like. We can be your technology trainers, consultants and advises so as we become a department within your organisation, or very loosely and act as a stand alone company simply brought into advise. The choice is entirely up to you. We offer the following services.